CS 401 Blog – Weeks 4 & 5

After the week of the first IRC meeting, yet another week of class was canceled due to weather and the class was forced to again meet online via IRC. I was unable to make this meeting, but my group filled me in on what took place during the meeting.

Over the past few weeks, my group, who is in charge of the puzzle app, has made a lot of progress towards the end goal of a finished product. After a lot of research on the HTML 5 canvas and viewing many examples of different implementations, a functional outline was pushed to our groups GitHub account to be available for testing. The program so far, developed as a web app, provides a simple user interface and easy to use puzzle mechanism. At first, there was a problem that arose at more difficult levels of the puzzle (with more pieces.) It was difficult to move around the pieces into their correct positions. With a few adjustments, this was fixed. There is still more work to be done on fine-tuning the canvas around the puzzle, but significant progress has been made.

The next few steps to be taken will include actually testing our web app on the iPads, which is crucial to our group because we need to know what, if any, changes there are in running our app on the iPad compared to on a desktop.


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