CS 401 Blog – Week 3

This past week in class, we discussed as a group and with Tim about further details of the project, getting a more specific idea of what we are doing. After getting a set of tasks on the board, we split into groups, each tackling a different task. The group I’m in is in charge of the Puzzle app for kids on the iPad.

Most of this weeks work consisted of background research on the languages that will be used to code this part of the app, as well as setting up tools and plugins in Eclipse to create a coding environment for this project. My group members (Ryan and Kathleen,) and I shared links about different code examples we found that could provide resources down the road.

The project however has hit a slight snag due to the snowstorm, and our class won’t get a chance to meet at our normal time on Monday. However, Professor Wurst has set up an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) room to meet and discuss our ideas and hopefully that will fill everyone in on what the different groups have been doing. This will be a tough two weeks because next Monday there will not be an in class meeting as well due to President’s Day, so the class will be on it’s own for a bit. It’s still early on in the development process and hopefully the hiatus from meeting in person won’t end up being hurtful to the project.


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