CS 401 – First Blog Post

My name is Kerry Sabanty and I’m starting this blog to track my progress in this semester’s CS 401 (Software Development) class. I’m a senior computer science major at Worcester State and will be graduating at the completion of this semester.

This course is described as the capstone course in the CS department, encompassing everything we have learned over the past few years. It should be a fun yet challenging semester that really allows us to put to use the skills we’ve gained at CS majors. I’m expecting to gain valuable real-world project experience with this course that will help me in the future.

A little more about myself: I’m a captain on the Worcester State Track and Field/Cross Country teams, which I dedicate a lot of my time to. After graduation I have accepted a job offer to work for Fidelity Investments as a Quality Assurance Engineer. I’m excited and relieved to have obtained this position, as many college grads in this market have trouble finding work.

I’ll be updating this blog once a week to inform readers about my progress in the course.


One thought on “CS 401 – First Blog Post

  1. Maximo

    This excellent posting, “CS 401 – First Blog Post | ksabanty” reveals the fact that u truly
    comprehend what precisely you are writing about!

    I really 100 % approve. Thanks -Ingeborg


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